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   Building a Green Roof

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Building a Green Roof
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Trinity Church in Swarthmore, PA is interested in a 4200sq/ft "Green Roof". The waterproof membrane is in place and it's on to the next phase.

Please contribute your ideas, experience and expertise to help Trinity and others with this most solar of projects.

Trinity Update #8

Here are some pictures of the installation:

Trinity Update #7

From: Megan Slootmaker
Date: Mon, May 18, 2009 at 1:30 PM
Subject: Green Roof Schedule


FYI... please see below (in red) for a rough schedule of the green roof installation next week. Maria Erades' (Emilio's mother) company may film some of it for a case study. Looks like the 28th may be the most interesting for the kids as the crane will be in operation.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Howard Steinberg"
Date: May 18, 2009 12:04:17 PM EDT
Subject: RE: Case Study of Trinity's Green Roof
Hi Peter and Megan,
For clarity, JIG is the green roof installer. We are not sub-contracted under Roofscapes. Roofscapes provides the system warranty as it is their “specification” that we install. As such, it would seem appropriate for JIG to also be highlighted as the installer. The synergy between green roofs and the larger story about environmentally sustainable development exists inside of what JIG, Inc produces. Our green roof/construction company is one piece of a design-build development company called Onion Flats. We have created some of the first LEED certified Gold and Platinum projects in the country. If a press package would be helpful, I’d be happy to have my assistant forward this to you. Our website is as another resource.

Our current schedule is to be loading the drainage mats to the roof on the 26th and beginning the installation of them; completing on the 27th. The soil will be delivered on the 27th. The crane will hoist the soil to the roof on the 28th, the plants will be placed on the 29th along with the protection blankets. I would suggest that Thursday, May 28th would be the most dynamic day to film as the crane will be on site hoisting 2 ton bags of growing media to the roof.

Please call me if you need any additional information.

Howard B. Steinberg, AIA, Principal
Onion Flats, llc / Plumbob, llc / JIG Inc.
architecture design-build
111 w. norris street
philadelphia, pa 19122
p: 215.426.6466
f: 815.301.3431

P Please consider the environment
before printing this email

From: []
Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: Case Study of Trinity's Green Roof

All, this sounds great to have more of a spotlight on this greening. I want to make sure JIG, our installer, and Roofscapes, our designer, can be at hand on-site. Tentatively this might be early on Tues May 26 or Wed May 27, when there would be the upload of the roof assembly. I will be on travel, and away from email, starting Tues, back on email first thing Friday morning. I will be taking time from work on Tues May 26, and if the Greentreks crew could come out after 8 a.m., that would be good. I would be going back into the office later that morning, so the sooner in the morning, the better. Regards, Peter Weber

May 16, 2009 03:17:04 AM, megan wrote:
Hi Maria

It was nice to speak with you today and learn about your company and other endeavors! I'm excited about the opportunity to get our Green Roof project filmed and potentially used as a case study for your StormwaterPA venture. Additionally, Trinity would be interested in any resources you can highlight that would help us with our fundraising efforts.

As promised, here are a few resources for you:

Trinity's Green Roof webpage...

National Geographic Article on Green Roofs...

Roofscapes (the installer) website (JIG is actually subcontracting under Roofscapes)...*Clarification of status by JIG*

Also, as requested, I am copying Peter on this note to answer the following questions:
Peter, would you be willing to be interviewed on camera by Maria/GreenTreks for this case study to answer questions about the project/ finances/ technical aspects of our green roof installation? (Maria - perhaps you can provide a loose structure of questions ahead of time so he is prepared with facts as necessary)
Peter - Can you provide an installation schedule (identifying any good or bad filming/interviewing times and when you plan to be there) to Maria so she can plan when to come during the week of May 26-29?

Maria - please send Peter and I any general questions you have about the church as well (e.g., re: membership) and we can collect that information for you as well.

Thanks for your interest in our project and we look forward to working with you!

Best Regards
Megan Slootmaker

Trinity Update #6

Hi Grant,

Installation starts Tues May 26, and should be completed by Fri.
Actual hoisting of materials should be on Wed.
My first green roof.  Hope you can make it. 



Trinity Update #5

Greetings Friends,

Trinity Church, Swarthmore, has committed to completing the Green Roof installation on the flat Education Wing. The community is invited to help celebrate this sustainable technology.

This Green Roof is scheduled to be installed in Swarthmore, PA during Earth Week 2009, starting on Monday April 20. A 4,200 square foot green roof will be installed by a premier and pioneer contractor (the contractor, JIG, is one of the installers working for Roofscapes, a pioneer Philadelphia (and US) green roof company). The public is invited to learn about green roofs on Earth Day, April 22, when we will offer a workshop on this sustainable technology.

Vegetated GREEN ROOFS are low-maintenance, energy-saving roofs, planted with hardy succulent ground cover, using plants called stonecrop or sedums. It exhibits advanced environmental and energy benefits. Because of its insulation value, the Green Roof reduces seasonal heating and cooling costs, to the extent of paying for itself in reduced utility costs. By using less energy, Trinity would also reduce air pollution caused by electric power generation. The Green Roof is designed to reduce wet weather discharges to storm sewers, by infiltrating precipitation in the living roof and slowing down any overflow. Currently when it rains, the stormwater goes directly to Little Crum Creek. The creek suffers from impaired water quality and severe flash flooding. Finally, this type of roof would be extremely durable, lasting as many as three times the life of a conventional roof. For these reasons, the Green Roof would be eminently sustainable.

The community is invited to help celebrate.

Please let me know if you would like to contribute to the celebration, by offering your expertise as you see fit. We are now planning the festivities, and you may become a part of them.

Happy Earth Day!

Peter Weber
Parish Buildings and Facilities
Trinity Swarthmore

Trinity Update #4

Hello all,

Please see this internet site for practical green roofing at the Scott
Arboretum of Swarthmore College.


Remember that Trinity green roofing decision is scheduled for Jan. 19.


Peter A. Weber

Trinity Update #3


Here is the photo of the ponded water of the roof, about a day after the
rains stopped. The roof doesn't fully drain through the five scuppers.


Trinity Update #2

Hello Green Enthusiasts!

Please see the following on-line resource as part of our common interest
in ecological and economical greening.

I will be updating you soon regarding the green roof retrofit activities
at Trinity, by the verizon email account.



Peter A. Weber
NPDES Permits Program (3WP41)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
phone 215.814.5749
fax 215.814.2302

----- Forwarded by Peter Weber/R3/USEPA/US on 12/08/2008 08:09 AM -----

"Green Roofs for
Healthy Cities"
<jrichie@greenro To> Peter Weber/R3/USEPA/US
12/02/2008 05:59
PM Subject
Living Architecture Monitor now
available online
Please respond

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ mission is to develop the green roof and
wall industry across North America. We believe that it is not only
possible, but essential, to evolve the building industry into a powerful
force for restorative, high-performance buildings and know that green
roofs and walls will play a leading role in this transformation.

We invite you to read the Living Architecture Monitor, our new quarterly
magazine that is focused on educating, inspiring and celebrating the
emerging restorative, sustainable vision of architecture and landscape
design that extends beyond green roofs.

Trinity Update #1

All, here is what one of the three interested green roofing leads is suggesting. It seems to me that we may very well be looking at early Spring, but let us discuss. I will see some of you Sun 26th at Trinity's Adult Forum.

Let me know your thoughts in the meantime.

I will also be working up what the other two green leads are saying about completing the green roof.


-------- Begin forwarded message --------
Subject: RE: Shalom and greening Trinity Swarthmore roof
Date: 10/19/2008 11:28:54 AM
From: Charles Miller

Dear Peter,

I am glad that you now able to move forward with the green roof build out. The most economical way for you to build this green roof would be to employ one of our local green roof installation companies directly. My recollection is that this will be a simple Sedum cover.
Roofscapes, Inc. will provide design advice to our contractors. We will specify the materials and methods. We will also coordinate with Sarnafil, to insure that all warranty conditions are met. Our local certified companies are David Bros. Landscape, Jig, and Mayfield Gardens. You can find their contact information on our website. I will also pass your email on to these companies.

If your intent is to build the green roof this fall, it is now too late to install the green roof using cuttings (the least expensive method). You could install plugs or pre-grown mats until the end of November. Depending on your schedule requirements, the work could be delayed until early spring.


Charlie Miller , PE, Principal
Roofscapes, Inc.
7135 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19119
215-247-4659 FAX

From: []
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 7:31 AM
Cc: The attines; Father Tom
Subject: Shalom and greening Trinity Swarthmore roof

Hi again Charlie,
We are contacting you again about the roof of the education wing of Trinity Swarthmore. You graciously came onsite some years ago to provide technical advice. I also went on tour of the Fencing Academy and arranged an EPA visit there also. Here is where we are now: we are ready to complete the greening.

In 2004, a contractor installed a fully adhered green roof assembly, at Trinity Church. This 80 mil Sarnafil membrane was installed, with the option to have it as stand-alone or as capable of greening.

We are now interested in Roofscapes bidding on the completion of the 4200 sq. ft. greening of this roof. That would include the drainage (which includes 6 scuppers), growing substrate, and plants. We are also interested in receiving an estimate to retrofit a small rectangular roof over the entrance doorway to the education wing, appx. 100 sq. ft., which would need the entire green roof assembly including membrane. We would appreciate the breakout for labor and materials, and whether any work would be sub-contracted.

Please respond to our interest in completing the green roof assembly. You may want to reply by email; send surface mail; or by calling the Trinity office, 610.544.2297 to arrange a time to talk.

Thank you and shalom,


Peter Weber, Chair
Buildings Committee
301 North Chester Road
Swarthmore, PA 19081
Trinity Church Swarthmore
Posted on: Sep. 22, 2008 1:11pm,UTC
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