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   Electric Car Conversions

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Electric Car Conversions
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MAYOR of South Miami drives an Electric Car

Steve Clunn of Green Shed Conversion is proud to announce that the newly
elected MAYOR of South Miami was featured on CBS news last night driving his
Electric Car converted by our shop.
Lets hope that this breaks the CURSE that seems to have befallen EV
supporters running for office in the Political arena.

Audrey Martin

Tomorrows Ride TODAY !
Visit our shop web page at:
or our online Parts Store at:[/font][/size]

Electric Car Conversion Kits Calculator 1.01a

Your First Electric Car

· 8 June 08
Standing on the shoulders of giants

"Sometimes the best way to learn is to just get in there and start working, learning as you go. Seeing as converting an EV is a pretty large project you might find the job easier after seeing how others have accomplished the task, be it by reading books or web chronicles. We have had a number of great EV’ers share their experiences over the years. Here’s some of the EV conversions we’ve featured."


Greg’s $800 Yugo
Shaun’s Toyota Echo
Peter’s Solar Electric (w/wind Gen) Electric Van
Mark’s 95 Saab 900
Larry’s Geo Metro
James May’s Metro EV
Woody’s 240SX
Darin’s Forkenlift to Forkenboogie conversion
Jerry’s Citicar Project
Bob’s 1957 Citroen
Joe’s 280Z
Ray’s Electric Motorcycle
Gavin’s Kiwi EV
Pietro’s Electric Fiat
Alvin’s Spitfire
John’s Diahatsu
Jerry’s (Me) second EV: Ford Prob
Jerry’s (Me) first EV: Mazda 626

unofficial photo album for members of the EV Discussion List, an email based forum on electric vehicles.

..."Let's get serious here. Do you feel an EV will not fit into your lifestyle with current technology, but you want to be doing SOMETHING to help clean the air AND help to reduce our dependence on oil. NOW you can, by sponsoring an electric vehicle conversion or conversion workshop. If you would like to help someone else attend a workshop (perhaps a student) or offset the initial cost of a conversion for someone, please let us know. Have a group ready to learn how to do a conversion NOW? Call or email about setting up a private workshop. Call or email: about partial or whole sponsorship of either a conversion or workshop today...."
Posted on: Dec. 29, 2008 11:11pm,UTC
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