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  It's a Key Moment - Jill Karlin Butler

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It's a Key Moment - Jill Karlin Butler
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"Here's the letter I sent to NYTimes, PB Post, Sun Sentinel. I would appreciate your support if you believe in what I believe is my mission. Thanks for your support.
love Jill"


Dear Gentle People,

Lee Porter Butler (Jan 3, 1940-Nov. 22, 2005), invented a way to heat and cool buildings without using fossil fuels in 1972. He taught his invention at University of California, Berkeley in The Graduate School of Design and Planning. Homes he, and his San Fransisco based company, Ekose'a Homes created were featured on the covers of Popular Science, Better Homes and Gardens and even The New York Times wrote about "the gravity geo-thermal envelope", Lee's first contribution to his fellows to make our planet safer, healthier and in line with the beautiful garden which God granted us to cultivate harmoniously. The Department of Energy, Brookhaven Laboratories, and other prestigious laboratories studied The Mastin House in Newport, Rhode Island by placing coupling devises within the home, to gather monitored information, which they published. Their report confirmed that Lee's "envelope" was the most energy efficient way to live on earth without using any fossil fuels, combustion engines, polluting ways, or motors of any sort. To this day buildings built in the 1970s exist with little or no heating or cooling bills. Other companies have adopted this technology and are building using this technology today.

Came another era, and Lee, was silenced in the 1980s, but it never stopped him from his goals of figuring out a way for humanity to live harmoniously on the earth, without destroying the earth, and protecting the lives of humans no matter what the external conditions, including earthquake, flood, fire, tsunami, nuclear, anthrax, what have you.... This is the information I possess.

Lee and I met in 1992 and together we birthed Ekotecture and The Dolphin Dream. The information which I have, I believe, is important for our country, world, and goes beyond Al Gores's 5 point program outlined in his recent New York Times article.

Who would know to speak to me, or believe that me, a sales clerk, is a person who would know anything, or have any information that could assist in this national, and world crisis? I do. I have information which elegantly and simply addresses crisises crippling our nation, and will put Americans back to work in a new clean industry. Lee never stopped working on these issues, in spite of many hardships, discreditation, and great losses. (On his deathbed he was slapped with a fine from the state of California for practicing architecture without a licence).
I hope to be of service, and that the right thinking people will contact me, because you had the guts and forthrightness to publish my letter.

Sat Nam,

Jill Andrea Karlin Butler Aerts
(fine artist, yogini, sales clerk, and co-creator of Ekotecture and The Dolphin Dream with Lee Porter Butler)
Posted on: 2008/11/14 16:28
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