Green Rooftops Made Fast, Smart and Economical with Concrete

Posted by starstuff on 2008/11/3 17:20:47

Using Hydrophobic Pore-Blocking Ingredients (HPI's), waterproof concrete systems have proven themselves to be fast, smart and economical systems that can boost the greenroof industry.

These systems are fast because waterproofing is done right at the time of concrete placement, with no extra steps. They are smart because the technology is backed by a proven track record of over forty years and is not vulnerable to damage, reducing the liability of all parties. HPI’s actually reverse the normal absorptive nature of hardened concrete, making it physically water-repelling and non-absorptive so it won’t transmit moisture, dampness, or the salts and acids that the moisture may contain.

These systems are economical because of the initial cost/construction savings, as well as the significant long-term savings. Both bring down the cost of owning a structure with a green roof.

When truly waterproof concrete is specified for a green roof application, the owners know that they have a system which will not wear out or ever need replacement. They also know that if problems occur, there is a very simple identification and repair process that eliminates any need to disturb the growing medium.

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