Re: How to Make and Use the Solar Funnel Cooker

Posted by starstuff on 2008/8/11 15:41:16
Teong Tan, the inventor, based the cooker on Steven Jones's Funnel Cooker

"The Fun-Panel solar panel cooker can be built in about an hour from a single cardboard box and some aluminum foil. This is significant since traditional solar panel cookers such as the CooKit often require a large sheet of cardboard for construction. The Fun-Panel can also be adjusted more easily for different sun angles. This very powerful cooker is a true breakthough.

"Teong Tan, the inventor, based the cooker on Steven Jones's Funnel Cooker with the following changes: The Funnel cooker is very efficient in capturing sunlight with its 60į conical reflecting surface. However, it has an unstable shape that makes it difficult to keep the cooker and the pot in position. Also it is not possible to fit a regular size cooking pot into a regular size Funnel cooker because of limited space at the lower end of the cooker. The Fun-Panel retains the very efficient conical reflecting surface of the funner cooker but eliminates its disadvantages."

The Fun Panel Cooker is on The Solar Cooking Archive Wiki.
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