Electric Car Acceptance

Posted by starstuff on 2009/5/18 14:37:32
MAYOR of South Miami drives an Electric Car

Steve Clunn of Green Shed Conversion is proud to announce that the newly elected MAYOR of South Miami was featured on CBS news last night driving his Electric Car converted by our shop. see: id=91355@wfor.dayport.com" title="http://cbs4.com/video/?id=91355@wfor.dayport.com" rel="external">http://cbs4.com/video/?id=91355@wfor.dayport.com

Lets hope that this breaks the CURSE that seems to have befallen EV supporters running for office in the Political arena.

Audrey Martin

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London mayor 100,000 electric cars for capital

Boris Johnson announces commitment to making electric cars 'first choice for Londoners', pledging 20m of the GLA budget

Alok Jha
Wednesday 8 April 2009 17.55 BST

..."The time for simply talking about electric vehicles is over we need real action on the ground to make the electric vehicle an easy choice for Londoners," said Johnson. "I am today committing millions to install the infrastructure needed for when, in just a few years time, these vehicles become much more widely available." - - more

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