Licensing And Insuring Homebuilt Vehicles

Posted by starstuff on Sunday March 01, 2009 3:22pm,UTC

Revised 10-2-97

"This document explains the licensing procedures and regulations in the U.S. that apply to homebuilt watercraft, hovercraft, three wheel vehicles, and passenger cars. It also provides tips on obtaining insurance.

"Vehicles that are operated on the public roadways or waterways must have a title and a license. With manufactured vehicles, the title is issued by the manufacturer to identify the particular vehicle and establish ownership. A title is issue only once in the life of a vehicle and lasts as long as the vehicle exists. Normally, a vehicle does not have to meet any regulations nor even to work in order to be become a titled entity. In order to actually operate a vehicle on the public roadways or waterways, however, it must be licensed. A license will be issued on a homebuilt vehicle only if it meets applicable standards of construction and is appropriately equipped. A license will have to be annually renewed by paying a fee...." - more

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