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Posted by starstuff on Monday January 05, 2009 5:44pm,UTC
Gotta get rid of that explosive gas...? Why not collect it? Maybe something on this order?

Use it for fuel of some sort. We know the ICE people want it and it's great for fuel cells.


Hot Flash 01/09/2009

Here's something new that might make capturing and storing battery hydrogen practical:

Manchesterís crispy noodles suck up hydrogen
Posted by jumperhead on May 9th, 2008

"...I purchased my battery box brushless fan from KTA Services at a cost of $22 plus
shipping. It is a 35cfm 120ACV that I wired into the AC feed to the charger.
So the fan only runs when the vehicle is charging and uses the house AC
voltage. When driving the batteries are cooled with a little ram effect off
the road through an inlet opening opposite and forward from the pulling fan.
See a journal entry on this site at EV Battery Box Ventilation
& Test Video You can test the box afterwards for leaks with a smoke
Daniel Lynn

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