Re: Natural Gas in the Transportation Sector

Posted by starstuff on 2009/1/3 14:23:28

"...A listing of CNG locations can be found at:

"...There is another option. You can get around the lack of public refueling by installing a home fueling device like the FuelMaker 'Q' and Phill, also from FuelMaker. These are 'time-fill' fueling devices that don't store CNG, but rather compress and refuel directly from a household's gas supply. With both of these devices fueling is done overnight or whenever a vehicle is idle.

"...The cost to convert to CNG can range from about $12,500 to $22,500 depending on the vehicle, engine, size of CNG tanks needed, and who does the converting. The greatest expense is for the CNG tanks, and the more capacity and number of tanks, the more expensive the conversion. While this may be daunting for many consumers, fleet users - like taxi companies and delivery services - can often justify the expense because of the fuel savings amortized over many miles. The FuelMaker 'Q' refueling appliance costs just under $10,000 plus installation and the Phill is priced at about $4500 plus installation...."

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