Clean Coal - McCain/Obama

Posted by starstuff on 2008/9/27 16:22:28
" I am a big proponent of clean-coal technology and I want us to move rapidly in developing those sequestration technologies that's required. We're not going to immediately move off coal. A huge percentage of our electricity is generated by coal. What we need to do though is to put clean-coal technology on the fast track and that means money. It means investment in research."
Senator Barack Obama

" Perhaps no advancement in energy technology could mean more to America than the clean burning of coal and the capture and storage of carbon emissions. We will build the demonstration plants, refine the techniques and equipment, and make clean coal a reality. This single achievement will open vast amounts of our oldest and most abundant resource. And it will deliver not only electricity but jobs to some of the areas hardest hit by our economic troubles."
Senator John McCain

Re: Clean Coal - McCain/Obama

Posted by avenirbyar on 2009/1/22 6:48:15
While coal companies are running ads of their own featuring the newly sworn-in president Barack Obama talking about clean coal on the campaign trail, Kentucky officials said they're not concerned about this push endangering one of the state's key industries.

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Re: Clean Coal - McCain/Obama

Posted by starstuff on 2009/1/22 13:52:44
The push for clean coal could endanger Kentucky's coal industry? ...or help it?

What do you think of the LincEnergy technology?
Are you involved with this company?

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