Canadian List of Accepted Solar Collectors

Posted by starstuff on 2009/3/4 0:17:59

Unglazed Air Collectors

Glazed Air Heating Collectors

Unglazed Water Heating Solar Collectors

Glazed Water Heating Solar Collectors - Flat Plate Collectors

Glazed Water Heating Solar Collectors - Evacuated Tube and Concentrating Collectors

The methodology used in calculating the performance factors can be found in the Methodology Report.

The information contained in this list, including the names of the Collectors, manufacturers and conditions on acceptance, is intended to be used solely to identify, for applicants to ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat, which Collectors are eligible under the program. This information is not, nor has it ever been, intended to provide specific advice on which Collector should be utilized and should not be relied on as such. Furthermore, inclusion of a collector model on this list means only that the collector model has met the CSA Standard F378-87 or equivalent. The identification on this list of a "Manufacturer" is not intended to represent or warrant that the identified "Manufacturer" is the lawful owner or inventor of the collector model, in whole or in part. No action or decisions should be taken without independent research or professional advice. The information is not intended to replace your own findings. Natural Resources Canada does not represent or warrant the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information contained in this list and Natural Resources Canada is not liable whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by or resulting from any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in such information

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