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Some Photon Links
Photon-powered nanomotor transforms light directly into motion

“Light has energy,” said Friedman. “That you can’t argue with.” “More important,” said Kerzhanovich, “it has momentum.” “Therefore it has a force,” added Friedman. “You’re using the energy of light, and the force derived thereof, to transfer momentum of light energy to your vehicle, in order to propel the spacecraft. Basically your spacecraft, your solar sail, looks like a sail, but it really is a mirror. And so it’s reflecting the light, and that reflection is where the momentum transfer occurs.”

"In 2010, NIF will focus the intense energy of 192 giant laser beams on a BB-sized target filled with hydrogen fuel — fusing, or igniting, the hydrogen atoms' nuclei in the world's first controlled thermonuclear reaction.
This is the same fusion energy process that makes stars shine and provides the life-giving energy of the sun."
The National Ignition Facility

"Owing to the pioneer works of Einstein and Planck at the beginning of the 20 century, we are able to calculate the energy of one photon today."

Title: About the calculation of the photon power Authors:
Reissig, Sergej

The Bible says God is not human. God is light. If God is not human and is light,
God must be photon.

Jesus is the Son of God Or Son Of Photon and the light of the world
making Jesus photon.

We are created in the image and likeness of God who is photon
making us photon.

Jesus and God are entangled photons meaning they are one.

The cosmic goal is to get us to be one with God by the same entanglement...."

More at Hidden Meanings
Bill Donahue

European researchFilming photons, one million times a seconders have created a CMOS (semiconductor) camera capable of filming individual photons one million times a second. The breakthrough will impact on all the most advanced areas of science and makes Europe the world leader in the technology.

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